The coronavirus has changed the nature of physical therapy. Will the change stick?



Much of the world has grown quiet while the coronavirus has spread its way across the globe. But in Allie Royal’s home in Royal Palm Beach, it’s loud. Her son Parker, 4, races her down the hallway with his walker in tow, playing red light, green light until they reach their goal. It’s the face of Parker’s physical therapist, Mary Pengelley, waiting for him via a laptop positioned on the floor or a chair.

The coronavirus pushed in-person physical therapy to a halt in March, but for many like Parker this care is essential. Now physical therapists are offering telehealth treatments so that patients can start or continue their therapy while maintaining social distancing ... Most importantly, commercial health insurance plans and Medicaid are covering telehealth rehabilitative services provided by physical therapists, said Jamie Dyson, a doctor of physical therapy and president of the Florida Physical Therapy Association.

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