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Get more information on the power of physical therapy, as well as help finding a PT who can help you or a family member.

Covid-19 Resources for PTs & Patients

Curious about how the coronavirus crisis is affecting the practice of physical therapy? The Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA) has launched a new page with up-to-the-moment Covid-19 news and resources for physical therapists and patients alike. FPTA provides the latest CDC guidance, telehealth resources and more.


Watch to learn more about how physical therapy can help with recovery, fall prevention, pain management and more.

Testimonial: Power over Multiple Sclerosis

Testimonial: Overcoming the Aftermath of a Brain Tumor

Testimonial: An Athlete's Journey to Recovery

Testimonial: When the PT Becomes the Patient

Testimonials: How PT Treats Chronic Pain

Testimonial: Recovering from a Paralyzing Fall

“The Body Can Heal Itself.”

Physical Therapy: Fall Prevention

Treating Parkinson's Disease with Tango

PT & the Power of Telehealth

Shareable Graphics

Shareable Graphics

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Covid-19 Resources
Research on PT for Pain

Research on PT for Pain

Click the buttons below to access reports on the power of PT to treat chronic pain and even help people struggling with addiction maintain sobriety.

Find a PT

Find a Physical Therapist

Use our tool to find a physical therapist in Florida who is a member of the Florida Physical Therapy Association.

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