Recovering from a Paralyzing Fall

“Physical therapy has been everything for me.” - Susan Tuckerman Susan broke her neck when she fell from a horse and was left totally paralyzed. Even after an operation, she only had limited use of the left side of her body and could not use her hands, sit up, or walk. But despite her prognosis, she dreamed of walking again, and with the help of physical therapy, achieved her goal after just six months! Since falls are the leading cause of injury for those 65 and older, what happened to Susan is all too common. But falls – especially falls that result in injuries – can even be prevented with physical therapy. Visit to find a physical therapist near you.

PT for Pain is a project of the Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA), dedicated to improving the health, wellness and quality of life of people in Florida by advancing the practice of physical therapy. The FPTA educates Floridians, health care providers, and public policy decision-makers about the key role physical therapists and physical therapist assistants play in restoring and improving motion, as well as in improving the health of society.


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